Texas Holdem and other top poker variations

Flush spades on top of poker texas hold'em chip

It’s a Saturday evening and you’ve got your best mates over at your place.  Whilst Billy and Bob pop out to the local store to grab a few beers, you start thinking about how to kick this exciting evening off.  Then the lightbulb goes off – you go to your basement and pull out the old poker table and some chips and you’re set for the night.  A game of Texas Holdem poker – the most popular version of poker out there, most often played by professionals at the world series of poker tournament – can probably be the most stimulating and riveting way of spending time with your friends.  Not only does it give you a chance to socialize, but it’s also a great way to practice your decision making skills and learn the art of timing and game flow.  But what if your friends no longer live in the same city as you, or you’ve been working hard all week and you’re not really feeling up for organizing a poker shindig at your place?  Or perhaps you’re itching to head to the casino for a poker game but it turns out you no longer look so slender and chic in that elegant black suit that you pull from your closet?

There’s no need to worry, as you can fire up your computer and start searching for sites with free poker games online, where we bet you that you’ll stumble upon Texas Holdem Poker surely more than once.  This way you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own home or worry about suiting up for the occasion.  And it also gives you a chance to expand your horizons – by surfing the net for poker games online, you’ll quickly realize that there is more to the world of poker than just the Texas Holdem variety.  You might even take a fancy to an entirely different poker variant.  To make life easier, we’re going to take you through the different types of poker games.


Omaha Pokerthe devil’s in the details

Without a doubt, whilst searching for poker games online, most people will stumble upon Texas Holdem since it’s the most common poker game known to mankind. But why not try out a strikingly similar version of this fascinating card game that you can play – Omaha Poker.

If you’ve got the rules of Texas Holdem wrapped around your finger and you get a kick out of playing this type of poker game, then rest assured Omaha Poker is also something for you.  We bet you our bottom dollar that you’ll take a liking to Omaha Poker and start calling it one of your favorites.

In Omaha Poker, the game starts off with each player receiving 4 cards face-down.  When players reach the showdown phase of the game, two face-down cards along with three community cards are used to make the player’s best hand.  A max of 9 players can take part in a game of Omaha.


5 Card Draw

You might recall when you were a child your older family members would gather around the kitchen table playing this poker variant.  The 5 Card Draw Poker game, being the oldest poker variant, is a piece of cake with simple rules that are quick to learn – no rocket science involved here, no siree Bob.  If you’re a newbie to poker, this game is most probably for you.  So what’s so easy about 5 Card Draw?  Well, firstly, each player pays an ante before receiving their card.  After buying-in, players receive 5 cards face down and the player to the immediate left of the dealer starts off the first round of betting.  The difference between 5 Card Draw and Texas Holdem is that here, we don’t deal with small and big blinds.

The perk of 5 Card Draw is that players have the freedom to enter the game or fold.  After the first round, they can swap up to four of their own cards from the deck.  The dealer then draws new cards from the deck.  The player to the left of the dealer starts the next round, deciding on how many cards they’d like to draw and throws away the same amount of cards into the muck.  Once all players have discarded and drawn, the final betting round take place followed by the showdown to end the game.


Most poker masters would agree that Seven-Card-Stud is more challenging compared to the rest of the poker variants with an increased difficulty of play.  If you’re yearning to hone your fantastic poker skills and show off a bit to your opponents – the Seven-Card-Stud game is the perfect opportunity to shine.  Why not get to know this poker game closer by finding out what makes it stand out from the rest and how to play it.

Let’s start with the maximum number of players that can be involved, which is eight. Each player is dealt 3 cards – two of them are face down and the third one face up, for everyone to see.  This is followed by the first betting round.  Unlike Texas Holdem, Seven-Card-Stud doesn’t have any blinds, but you’ll confront them during the bring which marks the start of the game.  The player showing the lowest card must place a forced bet to start the bidding.  If cards of the same value appear and there’s a draw, the winner is determined by comparing the suits of the highest cards  (ascending ranking order: clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades).

What comes next is that the players are dealt more cards face up.  This time, the player holding the highest hand of cards starts the round of bidding.  In the end, every player is dealt one card face down, followed by the fifth and final betting round.  The player who holds the highest ranked cards wins the game (and the pot on the table).

What’s your poker style?

Seek, and you shall find.  When you’re new to this card game, it might not be so obvious right from the start which poker variant is right for you.  Why not try them all out – with the option of poker games online, it’s downright easy to find the poker game that is just for you where you can shine like a star.  Having fun is the aim of the game (as well as building up on your strategic skills and developing that all-important poker face, even when online).

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